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Microsoft Advertising
formerly Bing Ads


It is no secret that Google is a much bigger household name than Bing.

The common phrase today is "Google it." No one says, "Bing it."

When advertising online, you might wonder if it is wise to advertise on both Google AND Bing. Why stretch the advertising budget over two platforms, when one appears to have less value? 

Consider These Facts:

  • Bing Ads serve ALL Yahoo searches.

  • Microsoft owns Bing.

  • Bing controls 36% of the desktop market in the US.

  • 66 million Americans DO NOT use Google, but rely on Bing.

  • 62 million Americans use BOTH Google and Bing.

  • 1.5 billion windows devices are powered by Microsoft and Bing

  • 1.2 billion Microsoft Office Suite users unwittingly use Bing when conducting searches within an email or document.

  • Skype is integrated with Bing.

  • 65 million Xbox console gamers use Bing.

  • Alexa is powered by Bing. To date, more than 100 million Alexa devices have been sold.

  • The average Bing searcher spends 35% more when shopping online than searchers through Google.

The numbers speak for themselves. The potential for customer acquisition and e-commerce sales on Bing is too large to ignore.

At MCW Marketing, we have extensive experience in creating and managing successful Ad campaigns on Bing. We always strive to deliver quality clicks that lead to sales and conversions to help improve both your top line and your bottom line.