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My Business


Google my Business is a free service from Google that can prove to be very valuable for your business.

With a Google Ads Campaign contract with MCW Marketing we will also evaluate and offer advise and assistance on creating, updating or maintaining your online profile.

The information shown on Google My Business complements your existing website by giving your business a public identity and presence on Google. It is especially important for all searches in the “…near me” category. The information you provide about your business can appear on Google Search, Maps and Google+. Your Google My Business pages will get more exposure than your website. Since it’s free, there’s no reason not to set-up your page.

Even if this exposure has no measurable impact on your business’ sales or customer acquisitions, we highly recommend that you create the page. It does take a little bit of time and includes regular mail verification. But Google isn’t trying to make it hard for you to claim your own page. They are trying to make it hard for someone else (like your competitor) to claim your page. Be patient. this process can take a few weeks.