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Ads Management
Process Explained

We follow a proven linear path when developing your Ad campaigns. 

Our process is comprehensive and aims at developing a holistic view of your business, its place in the marketplace and your objectives.

From there, we form a strategy for launching your campaigns. With continuous monitoring, evaluation, and adjustments, we stay on target to increase customer acquisition and sales with the bottom line in mind.

Initial Analysis and research

  • Gain a complete understanding of your business, your services and products and your industry

  • Determine your initial Expectations and specify goals

  • Market analysis of your competition, with emphasis on key differentiates between you and them

  • Understand your customers, their needs and action triggers based on your experience and knowledge

  • Website landing pages review

  • Determination of conversion triggers

  • Complete analysis of your PPC History and current campaigns – when applicable

  • Comprehensive keyword research and selection

Development of the initial PPC strategy

  • Design, compose and build proper campaigns for all available PPC options: Search, Display, Remarking, Product Listing, Shopping Ads, and more.

  • Configuration for search platforms - Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Devices

  • Keyword categorization, matching options and ad group development

  • Compose effective ad copy – Including multiple ads in each ad group for continuous A/B testing

  • Determination of Ad Extensions, such as Callout Extensions, Structured Snippet Extensions, Call Extensions and more

  • Ad timing and geographical targeting

  • Tracking code installation for Google/Bing Analytics and PPC conversion

Continuous Account Management

  • Dedicated Account Executive for questions, ideas, support, stats, and anything that comes to your mind.

  • Continued PPC strategy and development reviews

  • Ad copy adjustment based on statistical performance indicators and A/B testing 

  • Daily bid and position monitoring and adjustment to achieve performance goals

  • Adjusting bid management strategies

  • Adjusting keyword matching

  • Bid adjusting and optimization based on Mobile/Desktop ratios

  • Geo-targeting adjustments

  • Ad Extensions adjustments

  • Weekly keyword analysis

  • Ongoing ad copy analysis and testing

  • Weekly conversion tracking

  • Constant account analysis focused on increasing volume, decrease spending, increase conversion rates, higher CTR and improving quality scores.